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Address: 4801 E. independence blvd 708,Charlotte,North Carolina,United States of America,28212


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Room 401-403,block B, hongchouyuan e-commerce Industrial Park, Huaxing Road, Dalang street, Longhua District,
Shenzhen, 518000,China

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We have good after-sale service sells our products. More technical support, please contact McHenry Seth. Thanks!


Tel : 001-3322654327

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Hikvision & Dahua distribution suppliers, Hitosino support the retail and customized & OEM orders.Send your request to us if you want to know the latest prices, large volume discounts, complete catalog,free samples or anything else! Enter product details such as model, and other specification requirements to receive an accurate quote…..

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Working with Hikvision/Dahua directly, Super R & D capability,Wide range of product line. With warehouses in US, AU,UK, EU and DE, orders can be arranged on same day. Professional sales with solid experience and after sales team for technical support.!