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How to Choose The Best PoE Camera?

  Among various security camera, PoE cameras are a powerful and stable solution for household or business purposes. And in our previous article, we also compared the advantages and disadvantages of PoE vs WiFi Camera. PoE cameras use Power over Ethernet...

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How to reset Hikvision Camera Password ?

  It’s quite common for users to encounter password issues when using Hikvision security cameras. Sometimes they forget the password they changed, sometimes they forget the entrance to reset the Hikvision camera password.   The updated setting of Hikvision...

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How To Connect To A Hikvision Camera?

  Hikvision, as a leading enterprise in surveillance industry, focuses on the development and manufacturing of various security products and comprehensive security solutions. After you've received a Hikvision security camera, how the cameras of Hikvision connect...

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What is A PoE Switch? An Essential Guide

  Many users of security cameras are confused about the definition of PoE NVR and PoE Switch. As an security cameras seller, we sometimes receive questions like these from our fans or clients: "I want to install lots of IP cameras at home, but my PoE NVR doesn’t...

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Why Do We Need Smart Hybrid Light Camera?

  You may witnessed some news or discussion about Smart Hybrid Light on the internet, but what is the definition of it? How does it work? We’ll discuss about it in this article in length. As is commonly known, typical infrared security cameras offer...

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 What is PTZ Camera? A Detailed Guide

Currently people are demanding more from security products. Regular cameras cannot meet the monitoring needs of a wide range of viewing angles. PTZ camera emerged at an opportune time. It has acquired a lot of popularity since the COVID era with its flexible...

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