Among various security camera, PoE cameras are a powerful and stable solution for household or business purposes. And in our previous article, we also compared the advantages and disadvantages of PoE vs WiFi Camera. PoE cameras use Power over Ethernet technology. They can effectively streamline the cabling procedures when you want to adding new cameras on existing system. But how to pick a best PoE camera that can perfectly match my requirements? You’ll find an answer in this article.

How To Pick A Best PoE Camera?

1. Appearance

Commonly known, there are three most common appearances among PoE cameras- bullet, dome, turret, and box.

Bullet security camera is a traditional security camera style designed to be rifle-like. They feature a fixed monitoring orientation and are widely employed in entrances, aisles, doorways, warehouses, factories, toll stations, etc.

A dome camera, derived from its name, is designed to be round, oval, or dome-shaped, and usually comes with a transparent cover.

Turret security cameras are also called eyeball cameras. A turret security camera comes with a ball and socket design. Its name is based on the fact that the ball-like camera can pivot in any direction inside its socket mount.

2. Resolution

The resolution of the Poe Camera is one of the elements that determine the clarity and detail of your video live feed and footage. In current surveillance market, 1080p (2MP), 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, and 4K (8MP) are regular resolution types. For general monitoring solutions, 1080p or 3MP is enough to meet the needs. 4MP, 5MP, and 4K play more roles in PoE cameras with advanced functions such as zooming and face recognition.

3. Location for Installation

The camera will be installed indoors or outdoors?

For indoor scenarios, people put the functions of cameras into prior consideration. While if you need to install the camera outdoors, the camera needs to be more resistant. Outdoor cameras must withstand harsh environments such as wind, rain, dust, and even lightning strikes.

 4. Number of PoE Port

Choose the number of cameras according to your actual requirements. Also, remember to choose the suitable POE camera system according to your network bandwidth.

Best PoE Camera Recommendations

Best PoE Intelligent Face Recognition 4K Bullet Camera:  DAHUA IPC-HFW7842H-Z-X


Key Features:

Face recognition: it is helpful for you to deploy a bullet camera system that secures access control. The camera with face recognition will achieve efficient property and personnel management.

People counting: The camera’s People counting function is suitable for commercial areas like a mall or supermarket. It is also necessary for public entrances and exits like office buildings and transportation stations

Heat Map:it provides traces of how many people visited specific areas in the monitoring zone over specified period. This is very helpful in retail places. It will be an ideal solution to assist enterprises in making better business decisions in stock arrangement or sales staff allocation based on the flow of people.

PPE Detection: it functions to trigger alarms when the detected object matches or does not match all of the configured attributes.

Ultra 4K Resolution: it ensures high-resolution images and detailed video footage, which also provides a foundation for advanced functions like face recognition.

Motorized vari-focal: it enables more flexible focal adjustments and minimizes focus errors by auto-focusing.


This model has a variation of Box style:  IPC-HF7842F-Z-X

Best ePOE Dome camera: IPC-HDBW71242E1-Z-X 


Key Features:

ePoE: The predominant of this model is that it features the Dahua ePoE Technology. This technology mainly provide 4 advantages:

  1. It enables much longer distance transmission of power, video, audio, and control signals over 800 meters at 10Mbps,  or 300 meters at 100Mbps. It assist in building expansive security camera system efficiently and cost-effectively.
  2. Automatic set up, plug & play.
  3. It support rich selection of IP Cameras, NVRs and Network Switches.
  4. It is perfect for Analog to IP Migration: IP video, audio, control & power ( 4 in 1 ) over coax cable.

Ultra 8K Resolution:

Meanwhile, it has ultra 12MP(8) resolution which can be applicable in any monitoring scenarios that require high image quality and details.

Low-light Performance: it still enables color imaging when the environment light is above 0.0009 lux.

Best 16-Channel Dome PoE Network Camera System Kit: DS-2CD2143G2-IU+7616NI-Q2/16P


Key Features:

Motion Detection 2.0:  The best advantage of 7616NI-Q2/16P NVR is that if the front-end Hikvision cameras do not support motion detection of human&vehicle, the NVR can also provide 4-chanel human&vehicle motion detection through its back-end algorithm analysis.

4MP: The cameras in this system offer high-quality imaging with 4 MP resolution(2688 x 1520).

Intelligent events: It supports human and vehicle target classification and intelligent event monitoring such as line crossing detection and intrusion detection.

Large Storage: It supports up to 8TB capacity for each disk.



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