Highly anticipated, Hikvision DS-2CD2XX7G2H Series came on online, which falls into the branches of the Hikvision ColorVu cameras combined with Smart Hybrid Light. You may witnessed lot of discussion on Smart Hybrid Light on internet. If you want to get a better grasp of understanding this technology, may refer to our previous article of introducing Smart Hybrid Light.

Whereas, what’s the differences between DS-2CD2XX7G2H and the older series? In this article, we’ll compare one of the models among DS-2CD2XX7G2H ColorVu series, DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) with one of the old series- DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U), so we can demonstrate its technology upgradation more distinctively.

DS-2CD2XX3G2 and DS-2CD2XX7G2H both belongs to the “2 Series” of Hikvision cameras, meaning they both support AcuSense function to classify human and vehicle. DS-2CD2XX7G2H falls into Hikvision’s ColorVu camera categories based on different image sensor from the old series though.

General Comparison Of Specifications

DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U)
Resolution 4 MP(2688 × 1520) 4 MP(3840 × 2160)
Min. Illumination

Color: 0.005 Lux;

B/W: 0 Lux with IR

Color: 0.0005 Lux;

B/W: 0 Lux with IR

Lens F1.6 Fixed Lens  F1.0 Super Confocal Lens
Image Sensor 1/3″Progressive Scan CMOS 1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
AcuSense YES YES
Smart Hybrid Light YES YES
ColorVu × YES
WDR 120dB 130dB
Motion Detection YES YES
Video Tampering Alarm YES YES
Unattended Baggage Detection  YES ×
Object Removal Detection YES ×
Scene Change Detection × YES
Video Bit Rate Range 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps. 32 Kbps to 16 Mbps.
Audio Two-Way Audio  Mono sound
Illuminator Range 30m 30m
Water rating IP67 IP67
Storage 512GB 512GB


Hikvision DS-2CD2XX3G2 Smart Hybrid light Camera

Basics About DS-2CD2XX3G2

DS-2CD2XX3G2 (for instance DS-2CD2343G2)is an upgraded version based on precedent IR security camera series designed by Hikvision.

DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) for instance, belongs to Smart Hybrid Light camera family. The suffix of “LI” refer to “Light and Infrared”, or what is better-known as the Smart Hybrid Light technology from Hikvision. It belongs to the Second Generation of DS-2CD2343 series, meaning they leverage the G2 platform firmware.

How Does It Work?

Under the Smart Mode: the camera will automatically switch to black-and-white (IR) imaging when the ambient light drops down to 0.005 Lux (on the premise that there’s no event captured). But be aware: the camera keeps delivering full-color images if the ambient light is above 0.005 Lux. That is to say, the switching between IR imaging and color imaging only performs at night time.

What’s The Advantages Of DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U)?

The core advancement of DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) lies in that it combines the vantages of IR and color imaging. But the camera utilizes their vantages effectively based on whether it captures an event. The DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) series avoids the demerit of image details loss at night of regular IR cameras.  It delivers full-color images at night but works more covertly. At daytime when there’s enough environment light, it functions the same as regular cameras, delivering color images.


Hikvision DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu Camera

Basics About DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U)

DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) is one of Hikvision’s ColorVu security camera Series. It integrates 24/7 hours of full-color monitoring with Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light technology. Its working principle is similar to DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U). -Under Smart Mode: at daytime the ColorVu camera delivers full-color video feeds with enough environment light. When it goes dark after nightfall, the ColorVu camera still achieves full-color imaging in very weak light (≥0.0008 Lux)environments, with the supplement light OFF. When it goes completely dark, the ColorVu camera will activate its supplement light so that the camera continues to deliver full-color live feeds. The DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) series distinctively differs from DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) in its image sensor. It uses 1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS and allows more light to be captured and ensures clearer images.


Differences Between DS-2CD2387G2H and DS-2CD2343G2 Series

1. Better Image Quality Performance

First, the key technological leap of DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U), compared to DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U), is that it integrates Hikvision’s ColorVu and AcuSense technology in one unit.

On one hand, the DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera wields F1.0 Super Confocal Lens to catch more light and brighter images with larger aperture.

Meanwhile, more advanced 1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS compared to the 1/3″Progressive Scan CMOS of  DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) also allows more light to be captured and demonstrate more vivid images. ADS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera still delivers full-color images under almost completely dark environment(≥0.0005 Lux).

Comparatively, a DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) camera can only perform full-color without supplement light when ambient light is above 0.005Lux. If the ambient light drops to less than 0.005 Lux, the supplement light need to take over to continue a full-color imaging.

The DS-2CD2387G2H ColorVu series also delivers better image quality than that of DS-2CD2387G2H if their supplement lights are both ON.

Furthermore, The advantage of better sensor do good to reduce light pollution under specific scenarios. This is because when the the DS-2CD2387G2H series perform full-color video feeds above 0.0005 Lux, supplement light will be disabled.



2. Differences of Smart Functionality Advantages


2.1 Unattended Baggage Detection/Object Removal Detection

DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) supports unattended baggage detection while the DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera doesn’t.

What is it? – Unattended Baggage Detection functions to detect the objects left over or removed from in the pre-defined region such as the baggage, purse, dangerous materials, etc., and a series of actions can be taken when the alarm is triggered.

2.2 Scene Change Detection

DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera supports unattended baggage detection while the DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U)doesn’t.

What is Scene Change Detection? – Scene Change Function can detect the change of the scene. Sequentially, certain actions can be taken from the users when the alarm is triggered.


3. Better Video Bit Rate

What is video bit rate? Video bit rate means the amount of video data transferred per unit of time. It expedites the speed at which video files are processed and directly determines the size and quality of a security camera’s video output. Typically, a higher video bit rate can deliver higher video quality. It is crucial for streaming videos and measuring the quality of videos. The bit rate of 4K videos is generally 12Mbps. To a surprise, the DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera, which wields a larger bit rate maximum of 16 Mbps provides foundation for the smooth transmission of 8MP video feeds. Comparatively, a DS-2CD2XX3G2 camera only has a bit rate from 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps.


4. Wider WDR

WDR technology enables a user to control camera’s sensor so that it receives different amounts of light, hence, achieve a balance of light for images. The DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera is employed with 130dB True WDR. It ensures better light-balanced video feeds under larger dark and bright differences. (For more introduction on WDR, please refer to our previous article introducing WDR and WDR Camera.

5. Better Durability

In addition to the imaging functionality, the Hikvision DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera improves in anti-corrosion protection. It enables the cameras more durable when applied in outdoors.

Things to Consider before Choosing

  1.  Before choosing a Smart Hybrid Light camera like DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) or DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu Series, be sure you actually need the security camera to perform color imaging during night time.
  2. Also, consider whether the LED supplement light is acceptable for you since the light, for some users, is disturbing.
  3. Choose the right resolution: both DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) and the DS-2CD2347G2H-LI(U) ColorVu camera have 4MP resolution. But if you’re going to purchase some models like DS-2CD2383G2-LI(2U) or DS-2CD2387G2H-LI(U) which supports a maximum 8MP resolution, make sure your NVR also support 8MP resolution.



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