The Hik-Connect app is a mobile application developed by Hikvision, a leading manufacturer of surveillance and security equipment. The app is designed to work in conjunction with Hikvision’s video surveillance products, including IP cameras, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), NVRs (Network Video Recorders), and other security devices. Hik-Connect is a Mobile Client used to remotely control devices via Wi-Fi or cellular network. It allows users to remotely access and manage their Hikvision security cameras and recorders using a smartphone or tablet.

Benefits of Hik-Connect

Remote Management and Easy-to-use

Tap into Hik-Connect to see what’s happening 24/7 in your shop or house. Breathe easy to check live videos anytime and anywhere. You can enable notifications pushed from Hik-Connect to alert you, and remotely see and understand your environment in a heartbeat. It’s easy to retrieve and play back videos at multiple speeds, which keeps everything in check.

Notifications and Alerts

With Hik-Connect in hand, arm or disarm your alarms can be easy and regular with a couple of taps. In case of an intrusion event, you will get instant notification and easily check real-time 7s’ video clips from security cameras or up to 20 photos from

High Security

The P2P technology and TLS full-link encryption enable safe and remote access to devices via Hik-Connect. Additionally, you don’t need to map LAN ports of your devices to the Internet. All these together ensure the security of network transmission and your internal systems. Once devices have been added in Hik-Connect, only you and your authorized connections can access and manage them.

Key Features of Hik-Connect

1.Adding devices via scanning QR code
2.Adding devices via IP/Domain
3.Adding devices via Hik-Connect Domain
4.Live View and Playback
5.Two-way audio intercom
6.Videos and pictures encryption
7.PTZ control
8.Digital zoom
9.Instant alarm notifications with pictures and videos
10.Updating device firmware remotely
11.Answering calls from doorbells/video intercom devices
12.Arming security control panel remotely
13.Sharing devices to others
14.Hik-Partner Pro cloud services
15.Service Provider authorization management
16.Device permission management
17.ARC service
18.Transferring devices to another account
19.Device password reset

Dahua Connect APP Scenes

How To Download The Hik-Connect App

1.Download from Hikvision App store .

a. Open the browser on your mobile phone and then go to
b. Select ‘Hik-Connect’
c. Tap Download
d. When download completes, follow the prompts to install the App.

2. Scan the QR code on the packing box of the cameras or NVR.

3.Download from mobile app store like iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

How To Set Up A Hik-Connect App?

1.Download the Hik-Connect app either on your smartphone or tablet.
2.Choose your Region.
3.Click Login and then Register.
4.Click the + button in the upper right corner of your screen and then choose Scan QR Code to add new devices. Please note that when you choose the new device, a little preview will show in the bottom right corner. There, click on the black box, and you’ll be sent to your camera stream. And, keep in mind that the first time you do this, you will be prompted to input the Verification Code. It is the one you generated when you activated Hik-Connect on NVR.Lcons meaning in Hik-connect.

How to add devices to Hik-connect?

You need to add devices to the Mobile Client first so that subsequent operations such as live view and playback can be available. If you want to receive alarm event information from a device, you should add it by scanning QR code or Hik-Connect domain.

Add an Online Device

The Mobile Client can detect the online devices in the same local area network with your phone or tablet, and you can add the detected online devices to the Mobile Client. Make sure the devices are connected to the same local area network with the phone or tablet.

1. On the device list page, tap > Online Device to enter the Online Device page. All detected online devices will be in the list.

2.Select a device for adding


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