When we play a Hikvision camera, it happens that we forget password or need to repurpose it, then we will need to learn how to reset it back to factory default.

There are different ways to reset a Hikvision camera to factory default, here we mainly talk about two ways:

1.Hikvision camera hard reset

If you have an IP camera, just open it up and look for the reset button. Usually the reset button is located close to the memory card slot. Please kindly check some models for example


Bullet DS-2CD2086G2-I

ds-2cd2086g2-i Hikvision camera

Dome DS-2CD2143G2-I

Hikvision camera ds-2cd2143g2-i

Turret DS-2CD2343G2-I

Hikvision camera ds-2cd2347g2-l

Turret DS-2CD2347G2-LU IP Camera

Hikvision camera ds-2cd2386g2-i

Turret DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL

Hikvision camera ds-2cd2347g2-l


As you can see,they can be easily found without any indication,since they are a push-type button.


Step by step to reset your Hikvision camera:

  • Locate the Reset button on the camera
  • Power off the camera by disconnecting the camera power supply cable or the PoE cable
  • Press and hold the reset button;
  • Power up the camera
  • Keep holding the reset button for 15-20 seconds;
  • Release the reset button.


After the camera reset, you need to use the SAPD tool or a web browser to setup it again since it will lose all the previous configuration including IP address.


2.Hikvision IP camera reset via a web browser


lf you don’t have direct access to the camera, you can just use a web browser to open up the lP camera menu to restore the camera to default settings:

Go to: Configuration>Maintenance> Upgrade& Maintenance> Default > Restore.

Hikvision camera Restore


By clicking the “Restore”, all parameters of your camera will be reset back to factory setting, except the IP address the camera is using.

This is a great choice, especially if you are working remotely and don’t want to lose access to your IP camera when restoring it to the factory default settings. And it is highly recommended to choose “Restore” if you are a new player of Hikvision IP camera.

If you have any difficulties using Hikvision IP cameras, please contact us at support@btvs-cctv.com.