Cybersecurity is a big issue for IP products at the moment and a key element of cybersecurity is the password and the resetting process, so in this guide we are going to take you through Hikvision’s and HITOSINO’s secure process for resetting the password of your camera/NVR/DVR using the SADP Tool.

Let’s take Hikvision/HITOSINO NVR reset as an example. You can reset it in two ways:

    Method 1: By using SADP, Hikvision’s password reset tool, export the XML file.

    Resetting the password for hikvision IP cameras, NVRs, and DVRs takes only 5 simple steps:


    Step 1: Open SADP Tool and select the camera/NVR/DVR you want to reset by checking the box next to the device on the left side of the list and then click the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the pop-out tab on the right of the SADP window.

    Step 2: Click the Export button on the pop-up to export the reset file and then select a folder to save the file.

    IMPORTANT NOTE – you must leave everything on from this point. SADP program and devices. If power goes off or network disconnects, the files will need to be regenerated.


    Step 3: Send email to us at, do remember to attach the reset file.

     Once we get your email, will pass the file on to Hikvision technicial support who will then send us a reset file to change the password, which we will email back to you. Normally, this series of work with Hikvision will take within 24 hours.


    Step 4: Download & save the new reset file we sent to an easy-to-find folder (we would recommend the same folder as the original exported file)


    Step 5: Open SADP and return to the export pop-up from before, this time you will want to go to step 2 and tick the Import File box, then click the folder icon and find the reset file we just sent you, open it so file route appears in the box like below, finally enter the new password twice and then click Confirm.

    If everything goes well, a green tick showing the words Reset Password Succeeded will appear.


    Method 2. Using QR codes, reset Hikvision IP Camera NVR and DVR passwords

    You can also send the screenshot of QR code to us in the Step 2, and follow method 1, a key consisting of numbers and letters (8 bytes) will be sent back to you. Then choose the Input Key in Step 5:

    Then Reset Password Succeeded will show up if all is right.  Sometimes you will get a key with 8 bytes even what you sent is an XML file, if so, just follow the above image.  Now you can then proceed to do what you want with the device.

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