Hikvision, as a leading enterprise in surveillance industry, focuses on the development and manufacturing of various security products and comprehensive security solutions. After you’ve received a Hikvision security camera, how the cameras of Hikvision connect to other devices is an important part of building a monitoring system. This article provides a concise connection guide to connect Hikvision security cameras efficiently to ensure the smooth operation of your surveillance system.


How to Connect to a Hikvision camera via the Hik-connect APP:

To get the Hikvision camera system to run correctly, here are the principal steps needed:

1. Install the camera

Choose a suitable installation location and make sure it covers the target area you want to monitor. Make sure there’s no obstacle in front of the target objects.

Pay attention to avoid factors such as occlusion or reflection that affect the image quality.

 2. Connect To Power And Network

2.1 First, if the camera supports POE, connect a single cable to transmit power and network data signals;

2.2 If the camera does not support POE, connect the camera to the DC power adapter, then connect it to the router with a network cable. The power supply can be connected to the network.


3. Use a Computer To Configure The Camera

Download and install “SADP” software on your computer; turn on the DHCP function, search for the camera IP address, and activate the Hikvision camera. Turn on the camera’s DHCP address in the SADP tool, and configure a new camera IP address. Make sure that the computer and camera are under the same network.

4. Add the Hikvision camera to the Hik-connect APP

4.1 Enter the camera IP address in the computer browser. Enter the menu network option advanced settings, and turn on the Hik-connect function (neutral guarding vision). Set the verification password, which can be the same as the camera password. Then Click “Save”. If the camera displays the online status, it means that you have successfully connected the Hikvision camera to the Internet.

4.2 Download the Hikvision camera app – Hik-connect (for Apple phones, download it from the App Store; for Android phones, download it from the Google App Store.);

4.3 Open the Hik-connect app, register an account, and log in.

4.4 In the home page, tap “+” on the upper-right corner to add a camera . Scan the QR code on the back of the camera, or on the Quick Start Guide cover. Input the verification code of your Hikvision camera. Then tap the “Connect to a Network” button in the popup interface. Next, choose Wired Connection or Wireless Connection according to your camera’s model and finish the connection.

How To Connect a Hikvision Camera To a Network Video Recorder(NVR)?

Generally speaking, there are situations to connect:

1. Connect a Hikvision Camera to a Hikvision NVR of the same brand:

①NVR with POE interface

When the Hikvision camera is not activated, the NVR can be connected to it and enable the camera to display the live feed. The NVR works as a plug-and-play then.

②NVR without POE interface.

First, use the power adapter or connect the switch to power the NVR. Then make sure the camera and NVR are connected to the same LAN (connected to the same router). Finally, open the NVR menu management interface and search the camera to add it. You can successfully connect the Hikvision camera to a Hikvision NVR.


2. Connect a Hikvision Camera To an NVR of a Different Brand

First, turn on the ONVIF protocol of the Hikvision camera (select in the network menu): Enter “Configuration”> Select “Network”> “Advanced Settings”>Select “Integration Protocol tab”> Enable “ONVIF”, open Network Video Interface and Save.

Secondly, use the “SADP” software to activate the camera on the computer, and change the camera IP address to an IP address in the same network segment as the NVR. Then, connect to the NVR and search for the element in the NVR management interface. Finally, add the camera and enter its password to complete.