When you purchase an lP camera, the key step is to make it work in your network, but sometimes this task can be dispiriting for beginners or inexperienced users.

But the good news is that configuring an lP camera is not rocket science. There are a lot of different lP camera brands out there, but the configuration process is similar to all of them. In this article, we will show you how to configure Hikvision/Hitosino IP camera.

IP Camera Network Diagram

A diagram is the easiest way to understand how the device is connected and what are included in the network.

poe-camera connection

Download and Launch the Search Active Device Protocol tool (SADP)

Click here to download(https://www.cctv-outlet.com/softwares/ ). When you launch the program, you’ll be prompted to give the app permission to make changes to your device. Once you click yes, the program will open and begin searching for Hikvision/HITOSINO products on your network. It could take up to twenty seconds to load a list of your devices.

Activate Your Camera

Click the check mark next to your camera. This will bring up the panel to the right, which will prompt you to activate your camera. Simply create and confirm a new password and click “Activate.” You should now see the “Modify Network Parameters” panel, which displays the camera’s current network settings.

poe-camera connection

Before Activating Your Camera

poe-camera connection

After Activating Your Camera

Find Your Default Gateway of Your Computer (or Router)

As we can see in the diagram, to make sure the IP camera work, all the devices should be on the same network. So before you change network parameters of camera, you need to learn some information about our network. To do this, press the keyboard shortcut Win + R keys on your keyboard, then type cmd, and press Enter on your keyboard or click/tap OK.

poe-camera connection

Type “ipconfig/all,” and hit enter.

poe-camera connection

Right now you can see your IPv4 address, default gateway and subnet mask etc., then go ahead and take a note of them, as you’ll need these later on.

poe-camera connection

Avoid Conflict with Other IP Address on Your Network

When the modified IP address of camera is the same with other devices on your network, then it will not be able to be used. So we will do the followings: In your Command Prompt Window, type “arp –a” and hit Enter, then you will see all list of all the IP address on your network.

poe-camera connection

Edit the First Three Octets of Your Camera’s IP Address

Use the first 3 octets of your Default Gateway displayed in the Command Prompt to replace the first 3 octets of your camera’s IP Address in the SADP Tool.

poe-camera connection

Edit the Last Octet of Your Camera’s IP Address

This number can be anything between 0 and 255. Just make sure it’s a unique number not already used by one of your devices.


Note: we recommend using a higher number for your camera’s IP Address, like 201, 202, etc., as your router will usually assign other devices on your network such as computers, cell phones, etc. a lower IP Address.


Verify the Other Network Details

Next, make sure the Subnet Mask in the SADP Tool matches the Subnet Mask from the “ipconfig” command. Also make sure your IPv4 Gateway in the SADP Tool matches your full Default Gateway displayed in the command prompt.


Note: If you are manually assigning your camera an IP camera, please make sure the “DHCP” option is unchecked on SADP. And your camera’s IP address will remain static.


Enter Your Password and Click “Modify”

Enter the password you created for the camera earlier, and then click Modify. Now you have now successfully assigned an IP Address to your camera.

poe-camera connection

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