You may witnessed some news or discussion about Smart Hybrid Light on the internet, but what is the definition of it? How does it work? We’ll discuss about it in this article in length.

As is commonly known, typical infrared security cameras offer black-and-white images for night use with IR illuminators. They extend the monitoring duration for the very rudimentary version of security cameras. However, loss of image details happens with black-and-white images. Thanks to the white LED light camera, full-color imaging at night is available. However, there a pain point that the white light consumes unnecessary power and might disturb when it keeps on throughout the night. How to effectively and intelligently use the white light? The answer comes with the Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light cameras.


What is Smart Hybrid Light?

“Smart Hybrid Light” is an intelligent switch between two different imaging modes – black-and-white imaging and color imaging. Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light allows the Cameras to work with different lighting modes for different cases.

A Smart Hybrid Light camera renders the Hikvision AcuSense system, which performs as the function to effectively identifying human or vehicle targets in colour image. When there’s intruders into the surveillance range, the camera gives out auditory warnings and synchronize the event to the user to their remote-controlling devices.

How does the Hybrid Light Work?

  1. Under IR Mode, the camera images will always show black and white by employing infrared light. This mode is suitable for nighttime surveillance when there’s no important thing that needs to keep an eye on at night.
  2. Under White Light Mode, the camera images will capture colorful images only when there is an event triggered. (When humans or vehicles enter into the surveillance range of the camera)
  3. When you turn on Smart Mode, the camera images will capture colorful images only when there are events triggered.

The Complete Process Of Lighting Mode Changes:

1) When there is no vehicle or person, the camera renders the infrared lighting and delivers a black-white live feed.

2)When a vehicle or person appears in the surveillance range of the camera, the supplementary white light will be automatically triggered, resulting in color imaging.

3) When the vehicle or person moves out of the surveillance range of the camera, the camera automatically switches back to infrared mode, representing black-white live feed.



Whats the point of Smart Hybrid Light?

1) Combination of IR and Full Color

Simply put, Smart Hybrid Light cameras advance in their combination of IR cameras and full-color cameras. Whereas, they deliver full-color images more efficiently than ColorVu cameras.

Smart Hybrid Light cameras provide three night-vision modes: IR Mode, white light Mode, and smart Mode. Under Smart Light Mode, the camera images will give out colorful images only when there is an event captured such as humans or vehicles entering into the surveillance range of the camera.

A ColorVu camera still offers colorful video feeds under a very low-light environment. However, the LED illuminator still needs to take over to supplement ambient light so that the camera keeps displaying colorful video feeds when the environment goes totally dark.

Many may camera may hesitate whether they should pick a ColoVu camera – They need their camera to display colorful video feeds at night time, but they don’t want the LED illuminator to keep on all night long – Whereas, Smart Hybrid Light technology fixes this issue appropriately.

2) Work Inadvertently

A common predicament exists when some owners employ a full-color security camera – covert monitoring or color viewing? It is delightful that full colors can deliver a full-color video feed 24/7. You never miss any detail even during nighttime with high-definition images.

Nevertheless, here come some issues with full-color cameras.  In public scenarios like restaurants or malls, supplementary lights cause light pollution and draw unnecessary attention -they are expected to work inadvertently. On the other hand, unnecessary light illumination means more power consumption and cost. Hence, filtering the working time of supplementary lights is precious to make cameras more intelligent in different situations. To work under cost-efficient modes is an ideal state when there’s no important event to be paid attention to for the camera. Hikvison’s Smart Hybrid Light is a momentous technology leap, which combines image quality with versatile lighting mode options.

3) Advanced Features:

The Smart Hybrid Light series leverage smart technologies such as smart perimeter protection with human&vehicle detection and people-counting for commercial optimization or enterprise staff management. Meanwhile, H.265+ Compression Technology enable more video feed encoding with the camera series.

4) Less Light Pollution

It happens some users of full-color security cameras turn off their complementary LED lights at night because the lights disturb by light pollution. The Smart Hybrid Light camera series resolves the issue perfectly by turning on the complementary light only when necessary. With the Smart Mode, you can efficiently pick up the most important video clicks triggered by events since most of the time the camera stays in black&white IR mode.

5) Less Bandwidth Storage Usage

Under Smart Mode, the security camera will consume less bandwidth and storage usage because keeping delivering colorful images all day long uses much more bandwidth and storage than the black&white imaging. Hence, the Smart Mode can also achieve a longer duration of video recording under the same storage capacity.


An Example of Comparison:

Hikvision 4MP AcuSense IR Network Camera:  Model: DS-2CD2343G2-I(U)

  • 4 MP Resolution
  • AcuSense Human And Vehicle Targets Classification
  • Built-In One-Way Microphone
  • 120 dB True WDR
  • H.265+ Compression Technology
  • Ip67 Water And Dust Resistant


Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light Acusense Camera: Model: DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U)

Compared to DS-2CD2343G2-I(U), DS-2CD2343G2-LI(2U) is upgraded with Smart Hybrid Light as well as two-way audio.

  • 4 MP Resolution
  • AcuSense Human And Vehicle Targets Classification
  • Built-In Two-Way Microphone
  • 120 dB True WDR
  • H.265 Compression Technology
  • Ip67 Water And Dust Resistant



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