Russia Dahua WizMind S Series Deeplight Starlight+ Smart AI Network IP Video Camera

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Dahua Technology introduces the latest IPC WizMind S series camera, an advanced iteration building upon the success of the previous WizMind 5 Series. This new series showcases advanced AI-Powered Image technology and introduces Deeplight, an enhancement Version of the Starlight+. The focus of the IPC WizMind kamera is on providing a Smarter Vision and a Stronger Shield.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

The IPC WizMind S cameras encompasses a range of models, each utilizing innovative packaging techniques and eco-friendly, bio-degradable materials. Hydrophobic oil replaces plastic film on the surface, while the packaging materials transition from Styrofoam to paperboard and one-use plastic to compostable PLA material.

Dahua WizMind-S-Series DEEPLIGHT&VIDEO

Hardware Boost for Reliability:

Environmental adaptability receives a significant boost through hardware upgrades, with an IP67 and IK10 rating safeguarding against moisture, dust, and impact. Dual-power backup ensures continuous monitoring with DC 12V, AC 24V, and PoE power connections. Models with heaters allow seamless operation in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.

Dahua WizMind Cameras’ Advantages:

The Vari-Focal H Bullet and H Dome Cameras, equipped with dual microphones supporting an 18m audio pick-up distance, stand out in the series. Anti-corrosion options make them ideal for coastal scenarios, and precision lens aperture control (P-iris) enhances light input accuracy.

Dahua WizMind-S-Series AI-POWERED-IMAGE

AI Imaging Excellence:

The AI-Powered Image utilizes AI to enhance image clarity and transparency, reduce video noise, and improve wide-dynamic range performance with enabled WDR. Time-Division Exposure technology ensures clear snapshots when humans and vehicles are mixed at night.Deeplight technology, a feature of the IPC WizMind S Series, excels in low-light conditions by leveraging deep learning algorithms to reduce noise and deliver superior image quality.

Unveiling Intelligent AI Functions:

Delving deeper into the rich AI functions, Video Metadata introduces a new dimension to analysis by detecting and capturing vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and people. It facilitates image selection and attribute extraction, supporting target quantity statistics by direction. Perimeter Protection, powered by deep learning, achieves an impressive accuracy rate of 99%, allowing for customizable detection types tailored to specific applications such as security, traffic management, and parking.

In-Depth Analytics with People Counting:

The People Counting feature provides meticulous tracking of moving human targets, offering three distinct modes – Line Crossing, Counting in Area, and Queue Management. Each mode allows the setup of up to four rules, facilitating the export of detailed statistical reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This level of analytics ensures comprehensive insights for efficient and strategic decision-making.


Enhanced Security with Smart Sound Detection:

Introducing Smart Sound Detection, the IPC WizMind S Series employs cutting-edge technology to recognize sounds like screaming and breaking glass. This feature generates prompt notifications, allowing users to respond swiftly to potential security incidents. The synergy between sound detection and video surveillance enhances overall situational awareness, further fortifying the security offered by these intelligent cameras.

Versatility with Additional AI Functions:

The dahua WizMind camera series doesn’t stop there; it introduces additional AI functions such as Heat Map, Face Detection, Smart Object Detection, and SMD 3.0. These features contribute to a holistic and versatile surveillance system, ensuring that every aspect of your security requirements is met with precision and efficiency.

Dahua WizMind-S-Series AI Smart Camera

With the help of deep learning algorithms, the Dahua WizMind network camera is capable of delivering a host of intelligent functions that significantly enhance the accuracy of audio and video analysis. Whether it’s adapting to environmental extremes, facilitating in-depth analytics, or enhancing security through advanced AI, this series provides a holistic approach to surveillance. For a detailed understanding and to explore the full spectrum of capabilities, visit the Dahua website or get in touch with us.

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Of course,the camera is flexible installated.And there is a user manual within box,you can contact us in need.

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We will provide as many shipping options as possible, including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS, Airfreight and by Sea, and we also have third-party warehouse in US and AU, timely shipment can be arranged.

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