Hikvision Panovu 6MP /8MP /12MP /32MP 4-Directional Multisensor Fisheye Camera

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Weight 4.5 kg
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DS-2CD6365G0-IVS(B) 6MP, DS-2CD6365G0E-I(V)(S) 6MP, DS-2CD63C5G0-IVS(B) 12MP, DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS 4MP, DS-2CD6365G0-IS(B) 6MP, DS-2CD6365G0E(-S)/RC 6MP, DS-2CD63C5G0-IS(B) 12MP, DS-2CD63C5G0E(-S)/RC 12MP, DS-2CD63C5G0E-I(V)(S) 12MP, DS-2CD3955G0-IS 5MP, DS-2CD6984G0-IH(S)(AC)(/NFC) 32MP, DS-2CD6984G0-IH(S)(AC)(/NFC) 32MP, DS-2CD6D24FWD-(I)(Z)(H)(S)(/NFC), DS-2CD6924G0-IHS(/NFC) 8MP, DS-2CD6924G0-IHS(C) 8MP, DS-2CD6944G0-IHS(/NFC) 16MP, DS-2CD6944G0-IHS(C) 16MP, DS-2CD6D42G0-IS, DS-2CD6D52G0-IH(S), DS-2CD6D54G1-(I)(Z)(S)(/RC), DS-2CD6D54G1-IZ(S), DS-2CD6D54G1-ZS/RC, DS-2CD6D82G0-IH(S), DS-2CD6D54FWD-(I)(Z)(H)(S)(/NFC), DS-2PT3326IZ, DS-2PT5326IZ, DS-2PT3122IZ, DS-2PT3306IZ


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