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Hikvision Poe Network Switches Featuring smart operation, reliable functions and elevated security. And Home Network Switches meet your increasing network demands for video security from core to edge, making your network more stable and reliable. When integrated with Hikvision software, our smart network switches help centralize and visualize the management of nearly all Hikvision IP devices, providing comprehensive operation and maintenance capabilities based on a safe, stable network.

1.Smart and Simple Operation

Hikvision’s network switches feature visualized topology management, network health monitoring, real-time alarm notifications, and easy video control and preview. When integrated with Hikvision software, the switches help centralize and visualize the management of nearly all Hikvision IP devices, providing comprehensive operation and maintenance capabilities based on a safe, stable network.

2.Solid and Reliable Performance

The switches also offer 6 KV surge protection, PoE watchdog function, long-distance transmission, and Hi-PoE supply. With these features, Hikvision network switches ensure your video security system runs smoothly and reliably without interruption.

3.Secure Network at All Times

Hikvision network switches also provide physical authentication and one-click port isolation, ensuring a secure network at all times. With these security measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your video security system is protected from unauthorized access and potential security threats.

Hikvsion POE Network Switches

Hikvision Home Network Switches(Value Series)

The Hikvision Home Switches Value Series is designed to provide stable power supply and data transmission for cameras. These poe switches operate at Layer 2 with a 100 M/1,000 M network switch, and some models have an extend mode that increases transmission distances to 300 m.The Switches Value Series is easy to use with its plug and play feature, and some models are compliant with the 802.3 af/at PoE standard and intelligent power sequencing that prevents random power loss for cameras and prolongs the service life of switches.  Moreover, the Value Series Poe Switches also has an 8/4-core adaptable power supply that drastically reduces power loss on select models. The feature helps to increase bandwidth and enables stable transmission of larger amounts of data.

Hikvision Managed Network Switches(Ultra Series)

One of the standout features of the Hikvision Ultra Series Switches is their ability to handle IP routing and full wire-speed L3 data package forwarding. This ensures that data packets are routed and forwarded at the maximum speed possible, reducing latency and enhancing overall network performance.

The Ultra Series Switches also incorporate IEEE802.1x, IP+MAC+port binding. This security feature binds IP addresses, MAC addresses, and port numbers together, creating a robust security mechanism that helps prevent unauthorized network access and maintains the integrity of your network.

Link aggregation is another key feature of the Hikvision Ultra Series Switches. This technology allows for the combination of multiple network connections in parallel to increase throughput beyond what a single connection could sustain, providing redundancy in case of a link failure.

The Switches also support MPLS VPN P/PE, MPLS TE, and MPLS OAM. These features offer a secure and efficient way to route data packets across a network, making the Ultra Series an ideal choice for businesses that require secure, reliable, and high-performance networking.

The IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework) feature of the managed Switches allows for the virtualization of multiple switches into a single logical device. This enhances network resilience, scalability, and simplifies management. Multicast allows for the efficient distribution of data to multiple recipients, while QoS ensures that data traffic is prioritized based on its importance, ensuring optimal performance for critical applications.

Hikvision Best Smart Network Switches(Pro Series)

The Hikvision Pro Smart Network Switches are designed to aggregate access and provide powerful management functions for Layer 2, 100 M / 1,000 M networks. They come with both unmanaged and managed functions, and some models support the 802.3af / at / bt PoE standard, as well as a high PoE power budget.

These switches also feature 8/4-core adaptable power supply to drastically reduce power loss, and data from key cameras can be transmitted with priority to VIP ports, the extend mode increases transmission distances to 300 m (on select models).

The smart managed switches can recognize IP devices and generate system topology for network information visualization. These switches also come with 6 KV surge protection that ensures normal and reliable operation even in harsh conditions. The “watchdog” function enables automatic camera detection, reducing manual inspection and restart and contributing to a self-healing network (on select models).

The Hikvision Switches are packed with features designed to provide powerful, secure, and efficient data transmission, making them an excellent choice for home/businesses of all sizes.If you want to find a reliable managing network switch for your home or business, these three series of Hikvision are a good choice. Whether it is for home use or for project management, it is very powerful.

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1.How can we confirm the products are genuine HV and DH English version?
HV and DH softwares can be downloaded from their official website, and only original products are fully compatible with the softwares.

2.Can you provide OEM service? Is there MOQ?
OEM is preferred, no MOQ is required. We support OEM&ODM and customize your logo

3、What payment method can your company provide ?
We accept Amazon Pay, via TT (Bank transfer), Credit Cards, Telegraphic Transfer,Paypal and so on.

4.How is your after-sales service?
Most of our sales engineers and technicians have won HV HCSA certificate. And thanks to manufacturers’ support, all issues can be solved timely and properly.

5. Can I install the IP camera by myself?
Of course,the camera is flexible installated.And there is a user manual within box,you can contact us in need.

6.Do you provide drop shipping service?
We will provide as many shipping options as possible, including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS, Airfreight and by Sea, and we also have third-party warehouse in US and AU, timely shipment can be arranged.

Any more information, please contact us via sales@cctv-outlet.com . we will provide more product information to you, Hope we will server to you. Thanks your support.

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