Dahua WizMind X Series 4MP 8MP 12MP Poe Network Camera with IVS,ANPR, Smart Search


The Dahua WizMind X Series network camera is a range of advanced surveillance cameras that leverage deep learning algorithms to offer various intelligent functions. The cameras can identify and track people, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles accurately. They also support a host of other advanced features, including face recognition, PPE detection, smart sound detection, privacy protection, ANPR, and parking space management ( as shown in the picture).

People and Vehicle Recognition: This function is particularly useful in scenarios where the camera needs to detect and track people or vehicles. For example, a retail store can use this function to monitor customer traffic and identify any suspicious behavior or potential theft.

Face Recognition: This feature enables the camera to recognize individuals, which is helpful in environments that require secure access control. For example, an office building can use this feature to grant access only to authorized personnel.

Smart Sound Detection: This feature can detect and alert security personnel to specific sounds, such as breaking glass or gunshots. It can be helpful in high-risk environments such as banks, casinos, or government buildings.

PPE Detection: This function is ideal for workplaces that require employees to wear personal protective equipment, such as construction sites or manufacturing plants. The camera can detect if a person is wearing the required gear and alert the supervisor if they are not.

Privacy Protection: This function enables the camera to mask certain areas of the camera’s view, such as private residences or sensitive locations like hospitals or schools.

ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition is useful for tracking and identifying vehicles entering or exiting a particular location. This feature can be helpful for parking lot management, toll booths, or border crossings.

Parking Space Management: The camera can detect whether a parking spot is occupied or vacant, making it useful for managing parking lots or garages.

Motorized vari-focal: it enables more flexible zoom adjustments and minimizes focus errors by auto-focusing.

Overall, the WizMind X Series cameras offer a wide range of intelligent functions that can be tailored to specific application scenarios. The cameras’ advanced image processing technology and night vision capabilities make them suitable for use in various lighting conditions, while their rugged design ensures they can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Dahua WizMind X Series Video

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1.How can we confirm the products are genuine HV and DH English version?
HV and DH softwares can be downloaded from their official website, and only original products are fully compatible with the softwares.

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OEM is preferred, no MOQ is required. We support OEM&ODM and customize your logo

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We accept Amazon Pay, via TT (Bank transfer), Credit Cards, Telegraphic Transfer,Paypal and so on.

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Most of our sales engineers and technicians have won HV HCSA certificate. And thanks to manufacturers’ support, all issues can be solved timely and properly.

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Of course,the camera is flexible installated.And there is a user manual within box,you can contact us in need.

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We will provide as many shipping options as possible, including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS, Airfreight and by Sea, and we also have third-party warehouse in US and AU, timely shipment can be arranged.

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