Customized Dahua Dhi-isc-d733 Metal Detector Walk Through Gate Body Scanner

· Two sets of high-brightness red-green LEDs, super bright double-row
area indicator lights and independent interactive 33-zone function with
22 detectors
· 7-inch full-color touch-screen LCD display
· Easy to install and use with modular design
· Safe use with low voltage design
· Stable running with anti-loose aviation power plug
· High-strength Fire retardant High-pressure Laminate(HPL) material
· Monitor and show background interference in real time
· Count the numbers of passes and alarms respectively
· Count the numbers of people entering and exiting the metal detector,
and the number of alarms
· Human shaped alarm position indication
· Alarm strength display
· Ultra-high sensitivity
· 72 application scenarios and extra 16 customize scenarios
· Zone sensitivity adjustable from 0 to 255
· Security degree adjustable from 0 to 99
· 100 working frequencies selectable
· Alarm sound volume adjustable from 0 to 10; support mute mode
· 17 alarm sound types
· Multiple start-stop modes for IR
· Power-on self-test
· Remote monitoring and configuration through network

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The walk-through metal detectors is a high-performance and high-sen-sitivity security gate that can detect body temperature. The device has high metal detection sensitivity, light weight, strong anti-interference, and stable performance. It uses high-strength special materials which is light-weighted and easy to transport and install. The Device has a modular design and is manufactured on the unified assembly lines, so it can ensure the good stability. It also has delivers intuitive interface and simple use, so no operation training is required to use it.

The walk-through metal detector uses electromagnetic field to detect
carry-on metal articles, and gives sound and light alarm to indicate that carry-on metal is beyond a certain threshold. It consists of host, high-frequency signal generator, signal receiver, and infrared sensor, with a beautiful appearance, strong metal detection capability, 33 detection zones, a unique Internet remote management system, and light weight. It is currently a leading metal detection door in the market.

Start-stop Technology :The IR metal detector supports manual start-stop technology for longer service life.

Sensitivity Adjustable : Adjusts the sensitivity for each detection zone as required.

Alarm: Supports sound and light alarm for timely alert. The sound duration and volume is adjustable.

Information Search: The system supports real-time information search.

Password Protection: Supports multi-digit password protection.

Self-test System : Supports manual and automatic self-test.

Network Operation : Supports parameter configuration and report exportation through the web interface.

Detection Capability : Detects 60 to 100 people per minute

Security Protection : The device uses a weak magnetic field and complies with electromagnetic radiation standards to ensure that it is harmless to pregnant women and does not interfere with cardiac pacemakers, floppy disks,photographic film, and videotapes.

Scene : The walk-through metal detector can be widely used in train stations,bus stations, metros, government buildings, exhibition centers, sports meetings, conferences, schools and other occasions.

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