Hikvision Colorvu 2Gen 2MP 4MP 8MP 4K Poe IP Camera with Smart Detection, Human/Vehicle Detection

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Hikvision ColorVu series camera uses warm, white supplement lighting to illuminate the scene as well as allow more light in, resulting in stunning images day and night. zero-light environments are no longer a problem for security. The cameras in this series are designed to capture vivid, full-color images even in complete darkness, thanks to the advanced sensor technology and high-performance lenses.

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The Hikvision ColorVue series includes a variety of camera models, such as bullet, dome, and turret cameras, with resolutions ranging from 2MP to 8MP. These cameras feature a F1.0 aperture lens that captures more light and produces brighter, clearer images with rich detail and accurate color reproduction.

What is the observation effect from ColorVu Kamera in low light conditions?

Color Vu Camera uses a large aperture and high-sensitivity photosensitive chip. It can still see the picture clearly and maintain a color image in low light. Only when it is very dark or completely dark, the LED warm light is turned on to supplement the light for the camera to maintain a color picture.

One of the standout features of the Hik ColorVu series is its powerful built-in supplemental lighting, which provides additional illumination in low-light environments without producing overexposure or hotspots. This allows the cameras to capture clear, detailed images even in complete darkness, making them ideal for applications such as outdoor surveillance, perimeter protection, and parking lots.

Another notable feature of the ColorVue series is its advanced image processing technology, which enhances image quality and reduces noise and distortion. The cameras also feature smart detection functions such as line crossing, intrusion detection, and face detection, which help to improve security and enable more efficient monitoring.

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Some of the common features among the ColorVu cameras include:

  1. High resolution: Most of the cameras in this series offer high resolutions ranging from 2MP to 4K.
  2. Low light performance: The ColorVu cameras come with advanced lenses and sensors that can capture clear images in low light conditions, making them ideal for use in areas with poor lighting.
  3. Smart features: Some of the cameras in this series are equipped with smart features like face detection, intrusion detection, and line crossing detection, which can help to improve security and alert users in case of any suspicious activity.
  4. Wide dynamic range: The cameras in this series have a wide dynamic range that can help to balance out the exposure in scenes with bright and dark areas, ensuring that all parts of the image are visible.
  5. Easy installation and configuration: The ColorVu cameras are designed to be easy to install and configure, with features like plug-and-play connectivity and built-in PoE support.

Combining Color Vu technology with AcuSense, the camera is able to capture human and vehicle targets in vibrant colors. Motion Detection 2.0 distinguishes people and vehicles from other objects in any environment, and models equipped with Live Guard deter intruders with visual and audible warnings, while sending notifications to users remotely.

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Overall, the Hikvision ColorVu series of IP cameras offers advanced surveillance solutions with exceptional low-light performance, powerful supplemental lighting, and smart detection functions. With a variety of kamera models to choose from, these cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications, making them a popular choice among security professionals.


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