Dahua Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Access Controller

> 7 Inch LCD display with resolution of 1024 × 600
> Auto fill light reduces light pollution
> Can hold 50,000 users, 50,000 face images, 50,000 cards, 50,000 password, 50 administrators, and 100,000 records
> Support face, IC card, password unlock and unlock through their combinations
> With face detection box; the largest face among faces that appear at the same time is recognized first; the maximum face size can be configured on the web
> Face-camera distance: 0.3 m–2.0 m; human height: 0.9 m–2.4 m (lens- ground distance: 1.4 m)
> With face recognition algorithm, the access controller can recognize more than 360 positions on human face
> Face recognition speed: 0.35 s per face
> Support liveness detection
> Accurate recognition in backlight and front light
> Various unlock status display modes protect user privacy

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ASI7213Y-V3-T1P Al Temperature Detection Face Recognition Terminal ASI7213Y-V3-T1P Funtion

Dahua Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Access Management and Time Attendance

  • Support enabling/disabling the temperature monitoring mode; temperature monitoring range is 30 °C to 45°C; temperature monitoring distance range is 0.3 m–1.2 m; temperature monitoring error is ≤0.5°C; report temperature anomaly alarm
  • Support mask detection, report alarm of abnormal events without wearing a mask
  •  Support duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact timeout alarm, and illegal card exceeding threshold alarm
  •  Support general users, patrol users, VIP users, guest users, and special users

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DHI-ASI7213Y-V3-T1dahua face recognition terminal is currently a highly appreciated product in the market. It has been recommended by leading security experts all over the world. The device may operate independently or may operate in conjunction with security control models. For examples: 3-pin swing gate, Flap gate, Swing barrier, metal detector gate, …

ASI7213Y-V3-T1P Installation Methods

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