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The PG series full color camera compatible with Hikvision’s private connection protocol, it can be plug and play with Hikvision’s network video recorder,perfect connection. The camera conformsto the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum)specifications, ensuring interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)technology can ensure an identifiable image of all,Obiects under such conditions by appropriately exposingthe entire sceneBoth the darkest and brightest parts.

Back Light Compensation BLC automatically brings more detail to darker areas of an image , when bright light shining from behind obscures it ,and provides perfect exposure for an object in front of very strong back light.

Adopt 3D digital noise reduction to provide images with less noise in low-light surveillance scenes compared to conventional cameras. 3D DNR can be used to enhance image quality and save bandwidth.

H265 smart codec can save up to 80% on network bandwidth and subsequent storage costs by reducing transmission, bit rates, and storage capacity. The multi-pronged approach works by making reductions of useless or unimportant data wherever possible.

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1. What APP should I use on phone and tablet?
Download the “Danal” APP, search and download in the Google App Store for Android systems, search and download in the Apple Store for IOS systems, and if the camera is connected to an NVR, just use the NVR APP.

2. Can the camera support DHCP? How to enable and disable it?
Support, you can use SADP to modify the IP address, or enter the camera IP address in the computer browser to enter the network option menu to open or close DHCP

3. How to get it work via RTSP?
Camera RTSP address
①Main Stream: rtsp://admin:123456@IP address/stream0
②Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:123456@IP address/stream1

4. Can this camera work alone without NVR? How to keep recording without NVR?
Yes, the camera can be powered on with a DC12V power supply and then connected to the router. Or the camera is connected to a poe switch, and the POE switch is then connected to the router for use. The camera can record through the computer webpage or client (IVMS 4200), or use the Danal app cloud storage recording on the mobile phone (cloud storage requires payment)

5. What NVR does the camera work with? With which protocol?
The camera supports Hikvision protocol and ONVIF protocol. It is recommended to use it with Hikvision NVR, which can be plug-and-play. If connecting to other brands of NVR, use ONVIF protocol to connect.

6. Can this camera work with Blueiris? If yes, how to make it work?
Yes, use Hikvision protocol, ONVIF protocol, or RTSP to connect to Blueiris.

7. Can set the led light on or off? And can the led brightness be adjusted?
You can turn off or turn on the LED light. By default, the camera will automatically adjust the brightness of the LED light according to the ambient brightness. If you need to set the brightness of the LED light or turn off the LED light. You need to enter the IP address of the camera in the computer browser to enter the menu. In the Image menu, change the LED Control Mode to manual, and then adjust the LED brightness in LED BrightnessLED Brightness. Select OFF to turn off the LED light.

8. Can the camera support vehicle and human detection?
The camera alone supports the detection function of vehicles and people. If it is connected to an ordinary NVR, it does not support the detection function of people and vehicles. It can use the detection function of people and vehicles (AI by NVR) when connected to AI NVR.

9. How to enable audio when use alone and with HITOSINO or Hikvision NVR?
The audio is turned on by default in the camera, which can be used directly. If it is connected to HITOSINO or Hikvision NVR, you can select Video&Audio in the Record–parameter–Stream Type option of the NVR menu to save it.

10. My NVR is Hikvision, can the poe camera work with my Hikvision NVR?
The camera supports the international standard POE protocol (IEEE 802.3AF), and supports the Hikvision protocol, and can be directly connected to the POE network port of the Hikvision NVR, plug and play.


1.How can we confirm the products are genuine HV and DH English version?
HV and DH softwares can be downloaded from their official website, and only original products are fully compatible with the softwares.

2.Can you provide OEM service? Is there MOQ?
OEM is preferred, no MOQ is required. We support OEM&ODM and customize your logo

3、What payment method can your company provide ?
We accept Amazon Pay, via TT (Bank transfer), Credit Cards, Telegraphic Transfer,Paypal and so on.

4.How is your after-sales service?
Most of our sales engineers and technicians have won HV HCSA certificate. And thanks to manufacturers’ support, all issues can be solved timely and properly.

5. Can I install the IP camera by myself?
Of course,the camera is flexible installated.And there is a user manual within box,you can contact us in need.

6.Do you provide drop shipping service?
We will provide as many shipping options as possible, including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS, Airfreight and by Sea, and we also have third-party warehouse in US and AU, timely shipment can be arranged.

Any more information, please contact us via https://www.cctv-outlet.com . we will provide more product information to you, Hope we will server to you. Thanks your support.

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