Hikvision Easyip 3.0 Series 4/8/16/32ch Network-video-recorder (All)

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HIKVISION Easyip 3.0 Pro Series Network-video-recorders feature optimized H.265+ and H.264+ compression codecs, enabling highly effective bandwidth and storage management. With plug-and-play functionality, accessing IP cameras and other smart functions has never been easier. The Pro Series is the ideal solution for small to medium size businesses.

>H.265+ / H.265 and H.264 / H.264+ self-adapting decoding
>Up to 16-ch@1080p decoding for I Series, 8-ch@1080p decoding for K Series
>PoE is supported for 24/16/8/4-ch models
>Up to 300 m PoE distance for I Series and K Series NVRs
>New GUI 4.0, intuitive interface and easy to use
>Compatible with third-party network cameras
>Supports various specific function cameras, including thermal camera /fisheye/people counting/heatmap/ANPR (automatic number
plate recognition) for I series
>Channel-zero function ensures smooth remote live view and playback in low bandwidth environments

k series network-video-recorder

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 4.8 cm

DS-7708NI-Q4, DS-7604NI-Q1/4P, DS-7616NI-Q1, DS-7616NI-Q2/16P, DS-7632NI-K2, DS-7604NI-K1, DS-7604NI-Q1, DS-7608NI-I2, DS-7608NI-I2/8P, DS-7608NI-K1, DS-7608NI-K2, DS-7608NI-K2/8P, DS-7608NI-Q1, DS-7608NI-Q2, DS-7616NI-I2, DS-7616NI-I2/16P, DS-7616NI-K1, DS-7616NI-K2, DS-7616NI-K2/16P, DS-7616NI-Q2, DS-7632NI-K2/16P, DS-7716NI-I4(B), DS-7716NI-I4(B), DS-7716NI-I4/16P(B), DS-7716NI-K4, DS-7716NI-K4/16P, DS-7732NI-I4(B), DS-7732NI-K4, DS-7732NI-K4/16P, DS-7604NI-K1/4P, DS-7608NI-Q1/8P, DS-7632NI-I2, DS-7632NI-I2/16P, DS-7708NI-I4, DS-7708NI-I4/8P, DS-7708NI-K4, DS-7716NI-Q4, DS-7732NI-I4-24P, DS-7608NI-K1/8P


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