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Hi,we are a supplier for direct sales all hikvision and dahua products. We have our own factory to supply high quality products and competitive price. All products support OEM and ODM. If you’d like to know more about Hikvision surveillance camera system or Dahua security camera systems, which type to use in which situation, please contact us, we’ll guide you to choose the best combination product.

Instructions for commercial-focused installers and engineers, if you’re an engineer looking for something more specific for that commercial job (like a motorized zoom camera or a waterproof camera that requires 24/7 color imaging), please Give us a call and we’ll recommend the right camera kits for you at a great price.

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Direct sales all Hikvision /Dahua CCTV supplier distributor, support 2-pieces (Min.Order quantity)

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Warehouses in US, AU, EU and China for instant shipment for customers all over the world.

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Our sellers have Hikvision HSCA certification , products passed FCC, CE, ROHS ,CCC , UL and more

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You are dealing with the preferred supplier of Hikvision and Dahua equipment.

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Flexible warranty policy . Fast shipping in 7 days . Professional pre-sales&after-sales service.

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We care about our customers’ satisfaction, and that’s why they love dealing with us.

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Customer support that is fast and efficient, working directly with Hikvision / Dahua .

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Working with Hikvision/Dahua directly, flexible warranty policy provided,Wide range of product line. With warehouses in US, AU,UK ,DE and EU , orders can be arranged on same day. Professional sales with solid experience and after sales team for technical support.!

CCTV Outlet offers a wide range of surveillance solutions, including Hikvision and Dahua surveillance camera CCTV systems. With our end-to-end security solutions, we help customers protect their home/ business and maintain peace of mind anytime, anywhere. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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CCTV OUTLET support the retail and customized & OEM orders.Send your request to us if you want to know the latest prices, large volume discounts, complete catalog, test samples or anything else!

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3-5 years (Optional),flexible warranty policy provided. 

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Customized & OEM support Min.Order quantity (2-piece)


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Hikvision &Dahua, Gold CCTV Supplier. Thousands of verified reviews